What is Assdick?



1. A compound word containing the words "ass" and "dick." When put together, it means to be the ultamite form of an idiot, jerk off, or jack ass.

2. It can also be used as an expression of excitement.

3. More commonly, it is randomly screamed out to make people look.

1. "Wow I can't believe he was going out with five other girls," said Sydney to Felicia. "He is such an assdick!"

2. "Assdick!" I yelled as the kid knocked my glass over.

3. ASSDICK! Wait what?

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An assdick is a penis that eminates and protrudes from the ass. Those with an assdick were either born with it, or had it surgically grafted on by a man known only as Dr. Bob.

The purpose of the assdick is to block the entrace of unwanted objects (such as other penises) into the anal cavity. When the assdick senses an incoming threat, it immediately erects to disallow entry.

OMG that fag tried to buttfuck me, but luckily my trusty assdick was able to protect my anal virginity.

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a guy with no ass or dick

Lewis chappel has no ass nor dick hes an assdick has to use a magnifing glass to wank !

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When your prolapsed rectum sticks out so far that when you stand sideways naked it looks like you have a dick sticking out of your ass.

"No wonder Keri's always in a foul mood, William only gives her his assdick."

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A scarcely documented and extremely rare medical condition in which the afflicted actually suffers from a dick hanging out of his or her ass.

Ross was born with such an enormous assdick that it looks like he is always wearing a diaper with ten pounds of doo doo in it.

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a person who is being a ass dick

damn dude he was being a assdick

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Contraction or shorthand for the more common phrase, "dicking (someone) up the ass." Anal sex, male or female. Can be used as a noun or a verb, see below.

"Did anyone here assdick last night?" "How many guys did you assdick last weekend, Fred?"

Verb: "I assdicked that cutie in the barroom bathroom, he was SOOO hot..."


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