What is Assed?


wen one rubs his or her ass on someone else

David assed Derek well


popular suffix to emphasize a word.

Your gay-assed son just came out.

See Kung-Fu Jesus


When someone gets anally raped.

Little Mark got assed by M J last night!

See you




1. abbreviation of assassinated.

2. is the targeted murder of a high-profile person

Julius Caesar got assed!

See murder, kill, murdered, killed, assassin, terrorist, Hovey


Cashed, or depleted, typically in reference to marijuana.

This bowl is assed, man.


when someone takes their as, spreads their cheeks apart, and places them on another person's body part, or parts. Often can be used to humiliate someone publically, or analy.

"You Got Assed!" Cried zacha fter he put his bare ass on kit fisto's leg


killed, defeated, or embarassed

I'm sure Cal will get assed once again this football season in the PAC-10.

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