Assed Out

What is Assed Out?


out of luck

The chicas get in for free, the rest o' you bustas is all assed out.


to be done. tired beyond the point of tired. running on empty. used instead of pass out.

i worked 11 hours today, im assed out.

its 2am and i just got home, im going to ass out.

she slipped her girlfriend, two xanadu's, and she was assed out.


1)To be completely stoned/wasted after a major party

2)A major drug high

3)Tired, worn out

4)Out of luck

1)"Dude, how much weed have you smoked? How many beers have you had? You're assed out. Want a ride home?"

2)When Tim got home, he was so assed out he raped his own mom.

3)After a long day of tests at school, I was so assed out when I got home that I didn't even watch 'The OC'

4)Fuck, I'm grounded and I can't get a ride to the party. I'm assed out.


Extremely tired, won't wake up for anything.

Guy to his sleeping roommates at 2:00pm, "Damn! I was gone for a minute and your both still assed out!"

See passed out, tired, sleepy, drunk


sleep brought on by overconsumption of miscellaneous substances

damn, i had a xanbar and a fifth of vodka and i was assed out

See ass out, pass out, sleep, coma, awake


when a girl is so wasted at a party she passes out in a compromising position, usually with her butt showing (naked or underwear)

That chick is assed out on the couch. Nice thong!

See ass, party, drinking, drunk, thong, wasted, butt, passed out


1. An unfortunate occurrence in which one gets shafted or lacks adequate resources to accomplish his mission.

2. An anal prolapse in which the sphincter muscle drops outside the anus into the medial space between the two buttocks.

1.You don't have a condon, B? I guess our assed out.

2.Damn, dog I'm assed out from these hemorrhoids. Get me some suppositories or some shit!

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