What is Assenterbot?


A description of a typical inhabitant of Accenture, a so-called "management consultancy".

A description of someone emotionally lobotomised and programmed to create large decks of Microsoft Powerpoint slides at random. They "communicate" with each other using random verbiage generators. Accenture bots do not eat, rather they go to expensive resteraunts and argue about who knows more about the menus. They then order, pay and leave without eating as a demonstration of "thinking outside the box about process"

Assenterbots simulate aspects of the human behaviour called "annual leave"; they may go on holiday on a yacht in Thailand, they will still attend 2 hour daily conference calls.

Once an assenterbot decides to leave the Collective, other members of the Collective will ignore it in corridors.

Jim had to work with three assenterbots. They spent three months to prepare a 1000 slide presentation that took two days to show. By that time, Jim had already designed and implemented a new system - so he kicked their asses out the door!

See droid, bot, clone, moron


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