What is Assessment?



1. An evaluation: a judgment about something based on an understanding of the situation.

2. Property valuation: a calculation of the value of something, made especially for tax or insurance purposes.

3. Amount calculated: an amount assessed, e.g. on property.

4. Educational evaluation: a method of evaluating student performance and attainment.

1. Although the conclusions were quite disappointing, it was a fair assessment of the project.

2. They went to assess the property to see how much it was worth.

3. According to the assessment, the store's worth 1.6M.

4. His essay sucked, so when assessed.. He's got a 1 out of 10.

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the process of determining wear on a piece of furniture based on the number of times it has been sat in

You know, John's been sleeping on the couch for months, plus all the parties we've been having? It might be time to give that couch a serious assessment.

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1. The act of assessing something of someone;

2. Criterion's arch nemesis. He owns his own line of cereal and is in constant competition with Criterion. He likes to eat anything that will pass through his fairly hard, yet rubbery body.

Isarena: It's...Assessment! He's come to destroy Criterion's fame and fortune!

Mimi: Gosh!

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