What is Assface?


1) One who has the face of an ass

2) One who has an ass for a face

3) One who has the appearance of two protruding buttcheeks just below one's forehead

Look at that assface

See Dirty Sanchez


Someone who either A) does something to piss you off or B) does something stupid. Synonomous with jackass, loser, dumbass, idiot, bitch, jerk, etc.

Gah Mary! Why'd you have to kick all my shit over? You assface!!!

See ass, face, jerk, loser, bitch


noun - a person whose behavior is so completely and utterly atrocious that the only explanation is that the person has an ass for a face and as such must live up (or down as it were) to the face.

Those insane extremists who blame disastrous, natural phenomena on God punishing, the gay community, the historical slave owners, and the all encompassing "sinners". Those people? Assfaces.


A verb. To marshal together a group to detain and subdue a person to the ground, while one asshole drops his pants, spreads his cheeks, and rubs his asshole across the victim's face. This act usually results in anger, or if the victim is a pussy, crying. Also causes intense embarrasment, not to mention it just plain smells like ass. Also may have the side effect of pink eye.

Ethan: Dude, you missed it! The whole wrestling team held down Dominic and I Assfaced him, it was fucking hilarious!

Kurtis: What did he do?

Ethan: He called us a bunch of crackers, then went home and cried.

See ass, asshole, cheeks, pink eye, pussy


A holy fool. One quite careless, who mocks the proud: through wit, prankery, or subtle action.

"Hey, Bobbert, check out the assface in the store window posing like a mannequin..."


(1) A person who, out of lack of intelligence or ignorance is making a fool out of him or her self, (2) Drop-dead ugly

"Straighten up, assface, people are watching."

"Holy Shit -- that guy has an assface."

See ignorant, stupid, foolish, ass-face, ugly, homely


An insult reserved by the carton character "Crabby Cakes" on the show Clone High USA

"You've got crabs, ASSFACE!!!"


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