What is Assfro?


when your ass hair is so out of control its like a safari and your dingleberries are lions

your assfro has a zoo of animals in it

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an unusual amount of pubic hair in the anal region of the female body (any is too damn much so ladies get rid of it)

I was goin low but that hoe was rockin tha I said to myDAMNself stop, no, and dont and then called her a bitch

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(n.) to have an above normal amount of hair on the glutes

My date was so hot, and after I got down her pants, I discovered a tremendous assfro.


When an anus is adorned with a large quantity of curly hair.

Tom went down on Miriam with the intention of rimming her beautiful little puckering asshole only to find a stenchous hairy assfro!

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the afro contained between your OTHER cheeks...

"Dude, that guy has a serious assfro in his crack"

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1. An unusually large amount of curly pubic hair near one's anus, resembling a 'fro.

2. An afro which splits into two, hence resembling a pair of buttocks.

1. "No wonder that stripper doesn't have many customers! She's got a fucking assfro!"

2. I was at the club one night and this total wannabe with a huge assfro tried to pick me up.

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a hairry ass

i have the thickest assfro in the world. anyone up for a hairry ass contest?

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