What is Assgina?


When a womend vagina and anus are torn through the taint to form one singular opening.

Man, I pounded that girl so hard in both holes that I tore her an assgina! I think she needs to see a doctor.

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What fags like

look at that guy looks like hes going to hit his Bf's assgina when he gets home.

See ass, vagina, pussy, asshole, clit, S.A.C.


1. Self lubricating anus found only in yaoiland. Commonly depicted in yaoi doujinshi and manga.

2. Weepy emo uke...So emo that he can be mistaken for a woman with pregnancy hormones. Also found typically in yaoi doujinshi and manga, but also occasionally appears in real life.

See also mangina

Reader 1: Yeowch! Damn, no lube? Bad Seme!

Reader 2: Nah, it's just an assgina, self lubing uke.

Reader 1: Wow, does this uke angst this much all the way through the tankobon?

Reader 2: Yup...He's a total assgina!

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A mix of an ass and a vagina, commonly used in stray sex. Can function as both an ass and a vagina, invented at PMS.

Jillian's brother is a stray who likes to play with his assgina.

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