What is Assgremlin?


a midget who slips drugs in girls' drinks, drags them to his room at the halfway house, licks her ass for half an hour, waits for her to wake up, then forces her to lick his ass for half an hour.

p1: "hey, where's susan."

p2: "i think i saw her being dragged outta here by some assgremlin."

See dick


A gnomelike creature to whom anal violations, especially in humans, are attributed.

See also Manganaro, Sprod, Pananian Marsh Beaverand Mangonator.

"I heard that assgremlins are nocturnal and that they travel in packs."


A small mythological creature that causes hemhorroids and feeds off of the puss. See buttromper.

Jaret is an assgremlin. I'm bleeding to death thanks to Jaret's assgremlination.

See Juan Valdez


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