What is Ass-monkey?


1. One who exudes stupidity.

2. One who tries to be funny but fails miserably.

"The two people who submitted their versions of the definition before me (mojohojojomo and lee!) are a couple of reeeaaaalll ASS-MONKIES!!!"


in my opinion an ass-monkey has not one but two definitions;

1.someone that follows someone else around and won't leave them alone.

2.a type of flea that hangs around in your arse hair.

" i have to go and feed the ass-monkeys that live in my arse with the dried shit that is incrusted in my arse pubes.""


A ridiculously stupid person. A complete imbecile.

Why do you have to be such an Ass-Monkey?


A "kiss ass", "brown noser". A person who is trying to impress someone by following them around...closely.


Someone or something that keep throwing their shit in your face.

Wonder what that ass-monkey Bush is gonna say now.

See chris


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