What is Ass-rule?


A rule of which is never actually defined or warrented, a rule pulled out of thin air, or ones ass.

Ass ruler: "I can't stand you being in the house all the time, goodmorning go away!"

Ass ruler: "No you can't go over to a friends house twice in one week, I want to be able to keep an eye on you (as much as I hate you)"

Being a rule that has a double standard and is thought up on the spot it has been pulled from ones ass, therefore being an assrule.

"Dad I just downloaded World of Warcraft"

the father being too disgusted with his son to say anything blurts out

"New rule bed time at 7 oclock!"


"She has no reason to tell me not to go outside she can't even stand it when I'm in the same room as her. She's making up an ass-rule."

See ass-rule, ass-ruling, tyranny


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