What is Ass-weasel?


1.)v. - To be an ass or ass-like in your behavior.

2.)adj. - The person in a group of friends that noone really likes, but will pay for shit to hang with you guys.

3.)n. - an anal douche bag.

1.) Stop changing the station on the radio, you ass-weasel!

2.) Terri is such an ass-weasel...we diched her last night and she comes over with a twelve pack tonight.

3.)I think I need to clean out my rectom. Have you seen my Ass-Weasel anywhere?

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A gerbil for really tuff gays.

He's as tuff as he looks he uses ass-weasels. When Dickie saw the stuffed ass-weasel behind the bar he turned arround and walked out. In the struggled between gay and ass-weasel the ass-weasel has be known to win.

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Someone who is absolutely pretty much worthless except for licking ass.

Andrew is a total ass-weasel in the bathroom stalls at most Atlanta gay bars.

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furry pet in ur ass, making u irritable, another name for a stupid person who is a douche bag waste of time

mike is a stupid ass-weasel.

our teacers ass-weasel was eating her ovaries today

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