What is Asswhore?


Asswhore could be considered a supreme insult. It refers to somebody that is such a whore, that the term "whore" alone, does not justify the magnitude of their whorishness. Therefore, they may be dubbed "asswhore", as they will take it up the ass from anyone at anytime.

"Man, that chick is such a whore"

"She is beyond that, she's an asswhore"

See whore, slut, tramp


a female that likes it up the ass

Jim: I did Jenny up the butt last night

Bob: I did her up the butt a few days ago

Jim: Man, she is such a poopwhore

See Whoreass


see Ess

I have a friend named Ess

Oh man his butt is soar

cuz hes an asswhore


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