What is Astronomical One-liners?


The really geeky, nerdy, dweeby, and vomit-inducing phrases that nerds try to use to pick up sexy ladies.

Astronomical one-liners

"Hey sexy lady? Are you interested in astronomy? How about tonight you let me look at Uranus? I heard it's hard to find, but well worth the effort!"

"Excuse me lovely lady? Are you from Venus? Because you are so HOT! Did you know Venus has the hottest surface temperature? Just like you baby!"

"Hello sweet lady - there's no star-gazing like seeing you!"

"Hey baby - how about we go outside tonight? I heard that there's a full moon out."

"Hey lovely lady, you see that star up there in the sky? It's called Aldebaran, and it means lovely lady. Just like you."

"Hello sexy lady! How about tonight I teach you about the Big Bang theory? I can show you how those explosions made the whole universe!"

"Hello, sweet honey cupcake! Baby, how about tonight we go out and look at all the constellations? Tonight the Big Dipper is up - so what do you say. How about some big spooning honey?"

See corny, gosh, meh, blah, geeky


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