What is Athlon?


Line of computer processors manufactured by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to compete with Intel's Pentium family of computer processors. Considered by many to offer better performance for the money spent on them, though Intel fans claim the same of Intel's products.

Do I buy myself an Athlon XP or a Pentium IV system?


1. A CPU manufactured by the company AMD. AMD's new Athlon 64 CPUs are absolutely awesome in performance.

2. A member of the ES5 and EarthReator forums who is loyal to the P2P community and who's best interest at heart is to help users stay safe from the FASCIST RIAA/MPAA and to contribute to the P2P community.

1. You got an Athlon 64 3800 CPU. Wow you have the best computer out of anyone I know!

2. I am loyal to and stick close to the ES5 and ER community. It is a great group of members who are supportive of each other and contributing to the P2P community.


A good range of CPUs (Processors) manufactured by AMD.

Athlon XP are common. They offer outstanding performance for the low price you pay.

I purchased a Athlon today, they're good value!


-A fast computer processor

-A spammer

See AMD and SharePro

Athlon is a earthstation 5 spammer

See kight


The best processor EVER created.

The rivals of the shitty company, Intel.

Athlon's rock!

Dude, you're getting an ATHLON!


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