Atomic Bomb

What is Atomic Bomb?


an atomic bomb is performed by climbing to the top of the stall and shitting (or attempting to shit) into the toilet from about 5 to 6 feet above the bowl

may also be called atomic dump

freddy climbed up on the stall and dropped an atomic bomb into the crapper


Mankind's first attempt at playing God.

The atomic bomb leveled cities; when did God give that right to men?

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A special kind of poop where you must first have hershey squirts and then you drop a large log which makes a huge splash of the poop and water so that it splashes up on your buttocks.

Jon Vershon thought he hit puberty when he had this feeling in his stomach, it turned out he just had to poop the atomic bomb.

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when engaging in sexual punch into the ass of your partner and yell "hiroshima!"

dude i spun her around and gave her an angry atomic bomb.

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When somebody makes a wet, crap-filled fart.

Ew, did you just make an atomic bomb?

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The same as a clevland steamer, but with baby powder on your partner's chest. When the log drops it makes the powder rise like a mushroom cloud. It also reduces and foul smell.

I dropped an atomic bomb.

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Like a jager bomb, except a shot of jager is dropped into half a can of red bull and a vodka shot.

Oh man, I had way too many atomic bombs last night, I felt like Hiroshima in the morning.

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