What is Aunty?


A butch dyke who prefers the company of a younger boy.

Jack can't get a girlfriend, because he is always hanging out with his Aunty.

See dyke, butch, boy, lesbian, auntie


desi origin refering to annoying desi middle aged women who like to spew virtue to younger desis. Most potent in the company of other aunties.

Why doesn't auntyji leave me alone!

See annoying, bitch, bad mouth, poky, artist


A girl who looks more then her age.

A friendly mature women. Who is attracted to young men.

A mature women offering sexy looks to young men.

A Indian-Sub Continent equivalent of MILF.

I meet an Aunty while shoping in the market. Her looks was so temping.

I wish i could sleep with this Aunty.

Do you have the contacts of this Aunty who was shoping here last night.


A good looking middle aged women.

"Gee, she's a bit of an alright Aunty!!"


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