Avio Brooklyn

What is Avio Brooklyn?


See: Douche, whipped,bitch, pussy, fucktard, pizzaface, anal dwelling whore, gross, chubby, man tits, squishy, ugly, virgin, uber virginpus-covered, bighead

-Designer name.

-A royal douche, one who knows nothing of life and still thinks he does.

-An egotistical maniac, who thinks hes above it all but cant back anything up.

-One who follows and praises another being (even if theyre taken) until they have agreed to be his significant other.

-A pus filled face slathered with oil and grease, hence the nickname pizzaface

-A cretin who masturbates from 5-12 times every day, and 12-17 every weekend.


The type of person who would ditch all of his friends for a "in-love-with" significant other although everyone knows, with the exception of the huge-headed douche in question, the relationship will not last more than 2 weeks and is going nowhere. fast.

"Dude, did you hear about that uber bitch who was hitting on my girlfriend?"

"Yeah, what a real Avio Brooklyn"

"I'm sorry, but shes going to come before my best friend. and thats the way it is"

"You fucking fucktard! YOUR SUCH AN AVIO!"

"I know, I also like sucking dicks"

"You never know, i might marry her"

"its not gonna happen. don't be such a fat naive virgin. you sound like a total Avio"

See brooklyn, douche, whipped, bitch, pussy, fucktard, pizzaface, gross, chubby, man tits, squishy, ugly, bighead


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