What is Awdren?


Weird young man with stick straight body hair in patches. strangely alluring to female though. Acts like a girl, flirts with girls like a girl. Big feet and hollow eyes. Never, ever follows through with girls once he gets them interested, leaving them with sorrow and blabia. Part boy/part man. Will come on to girl with the man and then boy will show up - scared, weirding out the girl in creepy way, yet compelling her to keep trying.

Girl: Why does Andrea just sit and drool?

Boy: That guy who moved here? Turns out he was an Awdren! Sucked her in and spit her out then moved away again. Bastard. She can barely walk because of the blabia.

Girl: Ewwww! I hate Awdrens! They ruin girls!

Boy: Yep, run for your life! I shoulda waxed him when I had the chance!

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