What is Ayreon?


A Progressive Rock/Metal band from the Netherlands, Arjen Anthony Lucassen is the only consistant member. There are many guests featured on Ayreon albums, mostly singers. The only member to keep apearing is Ed Warby. Known to make concept albums, only one of their albums is not. (Actual Fantasy)

Side projects include: Ambeon, Star One, Strange Hobby and lots of others.

When I heard Ayreon was releasing a new album, I nearly fainted!


The Greatest band ever! Its a blend of both Rock and Instrumental Music (ALOT of synthesizer work). They have 7 Albums thus far. My personal favorite is "Final Experiment" which is actually the first album! If you like some rock bands, and like Jean Michel Jarre's work... This band is just for you! But give them a try even if you dont like both of them.

As a sidenote this band can also be going into the Metal Genre.

P.S: I dont understand what happened to Ayreon _after_ the final experiment, oh well... If anyone can tell me what happened!

1995 - Final Experiment

1996 - Actual Fantasy

1998 - Into the Electric Castle

2000 - Universal Migrator parts 1/2

2004 - The Human Equation parts 1/2


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