What is Azula?


Zuko's sister, and one of the main villains of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

See also: bitch

I sure hope that bitch Azula didn't kill Suki.

See bitch, witch, super bitch


a villain from Avatar and a princess who is next in line for the title of Fire Lord after Ozai. She is a much better firebender than Zuko (thus, making Zuko her bitch and bottom) She is very evil, in fact...rumor has it that the reason she is evil is not because her her dad but because she is possessed by the spirit of Adolf Hitler; who left his dead body, wandered the world and then somehow went into a person's TV, went into the Avatar universe and impregnated Fire Lady Ursa...and that also explains the closeness of the name Azula to Adolf.

Azula is what Hitler would have been like if he were some hot Asian chick who could shoot blue flames and lightning bolts.

See hitler, nazi, asian girl


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