What is B?


A greeting to one of your homies

What up B what been goin on.



The word is a derivative of Brother, was, through usage, shortened to Bro, and finally condensed to just B.

"'sup B?"

"get your ass over here B"

"Me and B are gonna book it down town"


Abbrevition for blood. but its a way of endearing somebody or adressing 'em. It definitely don't mean "boo" ,whoever the person was that wrote that.

Nah, B you wildin'.

Ayo chill, B.


Asian Fail.

A: I failed.

B: Asian failed, white failed, or mexican failed?

A: I got a B.

B: Asian fail.

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An abbreviation for the word bitch.

Sarah: That b is calling me again!

Jessica: Shut UP, you already told her that you didn't sleep with her boyfriend, you just gave him a blowie.

Sarah: I know, what's her problem?

Jessica: Tell that b to go eat a dick

See bitch, whore, slut, beezy, floozy


1. n. The second letter of the English alphabet.

2. n. Short for 'Brother'.

3. n. What one calls someone he/she does not know.

4. n. A rollof Marijuana.

5. v. Agree.

6. n. Beer.

7. n. A flash movie created by StrawberryClock. It was the internet phenomenonin late 2001, but died out at the start of 2002.

1. a B c d.....

2. Sup B whatcha doin'?

3. Hello... B?

4. Yo gimme dat B ova there.

5. me: That was cool

n00b: B

me: WTF?

6. gimme a B- hic!

7. Strawberryclock: My fellow clocks! We run Newgrounds

clocks: All praise B!!!

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1. Mostly anonymous members that join together on 4chan.

2. Internet Hate Machine

3. Anon

Lol /b/ just raided stickam.

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An icon depicting a beer can.

Person 1: Hey, you going to the kegger tonight?

Person 2: You know it! (B)

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I'm bored.

Shorter then writing out the whole thing.

playerboi: sup man?

sportMania: (B)

playerboi: Same here, lets get together

See Byron


"Bitch" especially when used by persons with the name "Amit", and especially when used in phrases like "aiight B."

" You'se a B."

See Jamie


1.The Romanian Sex God

2.A strapping Romanian genius

3.A crazed romanian genius often referred to as "The Romanian Sex God"

<<In a bad Romanian accent>> B you are the Romanian Sex God...this I know.


Abriviation for "My bad"

Yo, my b

your b indeed


short for "my bad"

My B, yo

Your B indeed


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