B Bounce

What is B Bounce?


the B Bounce is the dance performed by Bloods for fun or to indicate Blood membership. The Crip walk is the parallel thing for Crips. Usually during the B Bounce you will spell your set with one foot and during the Crip walk you will spell you name, your set, Bloods and cross it out, or some other gang shit. The non-gangsta spinoff of the Blood Bounce is also called the bbounce or the bwalk, but like the clown walk is different from the Crip walk (clowning being the non-gangsta dance spinoff of Crippin), the dance bbounce is different from the gangsta Blood bounce in that it shares steps with the clown walk, and is much faster and flashier.

He did the B Bounce and his red rag bounced around in his pocket as he skipped side to side and spelled EASTSIDE with his foot.

See bloods, crips, clown walk


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