B Donka Donk

What is B Donka Donk?


A girl with a kickin booty. Something that you can smack it up, flip it, and rub it down. Bounce!

Amanda's got a fly B Donka Donk!

See Lisa


A nice BIG juicy butt!!!

j-lo has a huge b donka donk.

See butt, ass, huge, juicy, smackable


This word is used to describe (usually) a females ass.

Damn check out that BIG ol' B Donka Donk!!

See butt, ass, hump, booty, lady lump


A women who has an ass you can dribble on an ass so big u can play the bongos on it an ass like a trampoline

Damn I could play basketball on Beyonces Big ol B Donka Donk

See booty, ass, butt, beyonce, basketball


A B Donka Donk is a really large buttox

Man that fly girl got a B Donka Donk

See booty, ass, butt, ba donka donk


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