Baby Cakes

What is Baby Cakes?


the love of your life, your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush

HEY, he is my baby cakes. OR

HEY, she is my baby cakes.

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Peaceful sleepy giant making zero a year, musically talented, loves role play games and is not afraid to get excited. He has friend who get excited.

I am Baby Cakes. I am the world.

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•Cakes made by babies

•Cakes made from babies

•A pet name for a partner.

1) These babycakes aren't even cooked! It's just dough with handprints on it.

2) John: These baby cakes are delicious! What's the secret ingredient?

Stuart: Well I hung arounf an abortion clinic claiming that I was collecting foetuses for embryonic stem cell research.

John: *spits out cake*

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Yummie things upon which babies like to munch - boobies

That lady over there has some awfully tasty looking baby cakes

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Boobs, breasts, tits, waggamommas

Do you mind if i lick custard off your babycakes?


a baby "personal part"

his son's baby cake was bigger than his!!!

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