Bad Poetry Face

What is Bad Poetry Face?


The slim shrug of the lips you make, kind of like an "all righty" in the country manner, whilst nodding your head, when you're hearing really bad poetry. As if you've got to pass gas. As if you've got a pitcher of beer in your bladder and the moron poet keeps on reading. You share this look with a friend, who is also making the bad poetry face. This poetry sucks ass. The poet sucks ass. He is a "sucker butthole."

I went to the reading and just a few minutes after it started, I was already making the bad poetry face. Ugh. That dude sucked. What was his name? It rhymes with Bony Toadland. Tony Toadland? Bony Hoagland? I can't remember, but one thing is sure, his spineless, p.c. poetry sucks ass, and you, too, will make the bad poetry face -- if you really think about it -- after he starts reading.


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