Bah Humbug

What is Bah Humbug?


Another variation of "fuck it all to hell"! Also means "who cares", "I could give a fuck", and "blah".

Bob: I just came back from the free clinic and found out I don't have herpes.

Dan: Bah Humbug!

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bah:an exclamation of disgust or irritation

humbug:something is pure silly,nonsensical, or stupid

Fred-"Did you see that Vince Vaughn movie"

Marsha-"Bah humbug"

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When a girl (typicaly in her 20's) is fucking an older man (typicaly 70s and up) and once the man busts his load he dies on top of the girl.

The old ass fart gave that sorority chick a bah humbug.

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