What is Bako?


Refers to a person from Bakersfield or the valley and comes to the Central Coast, mostly the greater Pismo Beach area, on vacation. Wears only clothes made by "Skin" and other "tough" clothing companies. Music of choice for these people is usually something lame (ie. Avenged Sevenfold). These people are often very rude and show little or no respect to locals. Another common characteristic is that Bako males will usually try to have sexual relations with any woman, local or not, by dropping the line: "Yeah.., we'll be at the dunes." This term is meant to be offensive

1.I can't handle all these damn rude Bakos.

2.Why do all these Bakos think that the louder your music is coming down Pomeroy St, the cooler you are?

3.So pretty much that Bako's truck is worth more than my life... with the 48 inch tires and the 20 inch lift, yeah.

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It is a friendly greeting or something you just say when its awkwardly quiet. Or your just plain confused >.<

Bako! The bako!


Bako >.<


Slang for the town of Bakersfield, California.

I grew up in Bako but moved away as soon as I had the chance.


a hop-head, a junkie

one who uses marijuana or another substance

Person 1: did you hear what jackie said in class today?

Person 2: yeah...what a bako

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Someone that is black.

He's so bako.

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