Ball Tongue

What is Ball Tongue?


Caused when someone is so high on speed that they are unable to talk, and it looks like their tongue has a ball on the end of it.

This was derived from a man that KoRn knew, as they would play at his club. They called him Ball Tongue for that reason, as he was the one to start them on doing speed. They later produced a song with the same name on their first album.

It has nothing to do with licking balls, or any other sexual innuendos.

He was so high on speed lastnight, he got a Ball Tongue. No one understood a WORD he said.

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Sing speech created by John Davis of Korn. The most famous example can be found in the song BALL TONGUE.

The only good KoRn album is the first one.

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This is basically just a reply to the first definition:- You don't spell his name 'John Davis', it's 'Jon Davis' and he usually uses Jonathan the most.

All of KoRns albums rock, their first one is pretty dark though (which is a good thing)

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In addition to the KoRn reference, Ball Tongue is the unfortunate condition a female (or male) obtains after licking too much ball. Ball tongue can range between not-pleasant and decisively vile, and is possibly contagious.

Don't kiss her man--she's got ball tongue!


bALL TONGUE is a tongue ring shaped like a ball

fuck you faggot all of korns albums rule

fuck korn rules you all

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