What is Baltimoron?


n. Dialect and accent used in Baltimore, especially in the Dundalk area, characterized by a nazalised "oh" vowel ("hoem" and "phoen" for "home" and "phone"), dropped consonants ("bawlamer" or "bawlmer" for "Baltimore"), and catch-phrases like "doen'cha knoe, hon."

n. A person who speaks using the dialect, and behaves in a characteristic manner, such as rabid fandom of the Baltimore Orioles, walking down the middle of the street when there is a perfectly good and clear sidewalk, eating bushels of whole soft-shelled crabs doused with Old Bay seasoning, etc.

Listen to the song "Crabs For Christmas" for a definitive rendering of Baltimoron.

Get out of the middle of the street, you Baltimoron!

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1 - n. the regional dialect of Baltimore, Maryland, in which syllables are often dropped and multiple words contracted into indistinct, mumbled phrases.

2 - n. persons speaking the regional dialect of Baltimore, Maryland. (affectionate term, used with respect)

1 - Baltimorons commonly call all members of the opposite sex "Hon," short for "honey."

2 - "Gone downy o-shun" is the phrase used to describe "Going down to the ocean (Ocean City)" for a vacation.

3 - "Wayoo ain calmee" is the urban Baltimore equivalent of "Why haven't you called me lately?"

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Somebody who uses excessive baltimorese, hon.

The O in the Anthem is just a tradition.


an alias for Baltimore Ravens players, coache, staff, and fans mainly used by Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Cincinatti football fans.

We beat those Baltimorons easily in that game!

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(n) a resident of Baltimore, esp. one who puts Old Bay in his coffee

Related word: Baltimoronic (adj)

At Orioles games, Baltimorons always like to desecrate the National Anthem by screaming "O!" in the middle of it.


Someone from the western shore of Maryland visiting the eastern shore. They commonly tailgate and give the finger to locals while trying to drive to the ocean. Others will do the speed limit in the fast lane while talking on the cell phone.

"I can't wait 'til the summer is over and all these Baltimorons stay on their fuckin' side of the bay!"

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