Bama Bangs

What is Bama Bangs?


A popular hair style among males in the southeast United States. It is characterized by long, thick bangs that completely cover the forehead. It is thought by many to have originated in the state of Alabama.

John Boy done got his Bama Bangs stuck in the threshing machine.


A popular hairstyle among young men in the Southeastern United States, so called because it most likely originated in Alabama. Most prevalent among students at schools in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Brought to attention by CBS Sportsline columnist Clay Travis and the MTV reality show "Two-A-Days: Hoover High."

Did y'all watch "Two-A-Days" last night? Man, Ross was rockin' the Bama Bangs!

I went tailgating at Auburn and felt like I was in a sea of Bama Bangs.

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