What is Bandits?


The four-time National Lacrosse League Champions based in Buffalo, NY. Also home to the Buffalo Sabres of the NHL and Buffalo Bills of the NFL. The Bandits were formed in 1992 and immediately made an impact, winning their first championship that same year.

The next year, they continued their winning streak, setting the all-time best Undefeated Streak of 22 games, and winning their second-straight championship in '93.

They won their third championship in 1996, and have made many appearances in the NLL Championship game since, losing all until 2008, when they captured their fourth. They are currently 4W-4L in Championship Games.

HSBC Arena is known for having loud crowds during Sabres games, but it is MUCH louder for Bandits games. It has been called the hardest NLL arena to play in, due to the Buffalo crowd constantly chanting phrases like: "Let's go Bandits!", counting up the score then saying "We want (insert next number here)!", and many more. To truly experience the awesomeness of the Bandits, go to any home game.

Person 1: Who were the 2008 NLL Champions?

Person 2: Buffalo WHAT?

Person 3: BANDITS!!!

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In the poker variant of Texas Hold 'em, Bandits is a nickname for two jacks as a player's two hole cards. Also known as Pocket Jacks or Fish Hooks These are usually played fast as they are very vulnerable to a king or ace on the board. (Coined by Kyle Campbell)

J, A, J on the flop gave him a boat. He had pocket rockets... Too bad my bandits gave me quads.

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