Bangers And Mash

What is Bangers And Mash?


Bangers = small spicy sausages

Mash = Potatoes Mashed

Anyone care for some bangers and mash?

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The contents of a well-used but badly flushed lavatory, the bangers (sausages) being the turds and the mash (mashed potato) being the bog roll.

"Cinders and ashes, Thomas, your coaches are a disgrace", cried the Fat Controller. "There's soot all over the windows, used tickets all over the floor and Clarabel's khazi is full of bangers and mash!"

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sausages and mashed potato

damn those bangers and mash am teh win!


a bizarre 80' cartoon about a couple of schoolboy chimps.

Might have been cancelled due to alledged rascist undertones eg. the chimps tended to mug old ladies, listen to hip hop and wear gold chains.

was follwed on by the hilarious but short lived 'Coons go to wog town' in 1990

"bangers and mash, bangers and mash them chimps are imps there aint no doubt, bangers and mash, bangers and mash there aint no missing it they keep on monkeying about, bangers and mash bangers and mash all they want to do is have some fun!"


Tha contentz of a highly used but badly flushed toilet.

OK, who was it that didn't flush and left a bowl full of 'bangerz and mash'


turds and white bogroll left "as a surprise" in a public toilet.

I couldn't take a shit on the coach - the flusher was broken and it was filled with bangers and mash


Nearly the sickest skate crew around, nobody mess' with these kids in Yorkshire.

Henry - "Woah! Did you just see Bangers and Mash crew just shred my tricks to pieces?"

Todge - "As always, Henry. As always."

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