What is Baptists?


Baptists are a very closed minded group of religious zealots

that give virtually no respect to those that disagree with their beliefs. Basically the Christian equivalent of a muslim terrorist, the members of this faith, especially of more fundamental sects, boycott the expansion of human knowledge when not in relation to religious beliefs. They take the bible literally to an extreme extent, and destroy the once good name that Christianity held. They justify themselves by claiming to be the only true followers of Christ. They favor extreme faith over logic, and border insanity.

Many Baptists throughout time can be seen committing violent acts, such as the Westboro Baptists, in relation to the boycott of American soldier funerals, and the extreme persecution and hatred of homosexuals, and Jews; basically everyone whos not a hard-core Baptist.

From a Baptists eyes: "If that boy ain't of Baptist faith I don't want him anywhere near my home"

From normal eyes: "I support the expansion of the human mind and of science and all that is logic."

See christianity, zealots, insanity


A large denomination in the religion of Christianity that has smaller factions such as Missionary Baptists and Southern Baptists. This is not a denomination that is predominantly composed of Southern Whites, contrary to popular beliefs and opinions. Instead, it is a widespread religion that is practiced by many people here (Ohio River Valley) in the Midwest, the Northeast, all of The North, the West Coast, and even over in Europe. It is one of many Protestant (Non-Catholic) groups that are Christian, are being Baptist is also a great thing to be.

Baptists are devout Christians who know Jesus is the Savior as well as the only son of God. They go by the teachings of the Bible, worship God AND Jesus, and have accepted Jesus into their heart and experience the miracles and love of God, who is the ONE AND ONLY true god.


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