What is Barb?


Extremely sharp, saw-toothed shaped dart, made of cartillage and grows on the back tail of sting rays. It is used by the animal for defense. In addition to being razon sharp, the barb is also poisonous.

Steve Irwin, also known as Crocodile Hunter, was Killed by a sting ray's barb that penetrated his chest and heart.

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It is an acronym meaning one who "beats around the bush"

Or one that wastes time.

the movie started at 7 and it is now 8. We need to quit BARBING.

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Short for barbarossa, the finest of all cheap spiced rums and ultimate gentleman's beverage.

Johnny: "Let's go get drink some barb!"

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Barb, short form for Barbarian.

A character in the game Diablo II

I will duel you with my Barb


A lesbian who is exceedingly butch, often referred to as a "bull dyke". Originates from the shortening of the word 'Barbie'. Barbies become 'Barbs' when little girls become scissor-happy and cut off all their hair, resembling the hair-dos of many 'Barbs'.

Look at that Barb across the street, I thought she was a dude.

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Short for Barbiturate, a class of benzo-like drugs.

"Hey man, you know where I can get some barbs?"

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One who is amazng, and a stoner.

Barb From that one show

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