What is Barnhart?


King of the micro-cephalic pinheads. A self-promoting, boot-licker. This being is most known for his famous quote “Are we following the procedure yet?” which found its way into Bartlett’s Quotations following the utterance to the befuddled masses when asked for a technical interpretation. Also well known for his ability to use entire travel budgets, micromanage, hold a grudge, use buzzwords, and produce little. People marvel at this pointy-headed, ball cap wearing fellow whose stupefied puzzlement at the overload of trivial information at AMWTP somehow works out into a way of getting through life.

Hey boss, I have to give this presentation at head quarters in the morning and I need to catch a flight.

Sorry but our travel budget was Barnharted. You'll have to take a greyhound.

See cocksucker, brown noser, loser, unreliable


to lick or slobber on something by accident or on purpose

Jaden just barnharted you bad... lol

Did you barnhart this smoke?

See lick, slobber, wet, saliva


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