What is Barni?


1. A total douchebag who loves penis in his ass and/or in/around his mouth.

2. A really good water pologoalie.

3. A really hairy guy with a kind of gay laugh.

1."Dude, stay away from that barni. He'll try to take advantage of you and ride you like a pony in heat."

2."Check it out! That guy is such a barni! That's his, like, 19th block of the game!"

3."Let's not talk to Barni cuz if he laughs I'm gonna punch him in the face..."

See tj, fag, fruitcake, water polo, goalie


the sickest yellow lab on this side of the mississippi homie....holla at barni

i almost had a yellow lab as good as barni

See jeremy


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