Barnicle Cleaner

What is Barnicle Cleaner?


After having unprotected sex with a girl and you bust in her afterward you proceed to go down on her and attempt to suck the jizz from her box thus "cleaning her barnicle"

"Last night I had no rubbers but my girl said it was all good as long as I pull out i totally forgot so I had to give her a Barnicle Cleaner; it sucked my lips are still salty"

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After a member of the "Dirty Sailor" sailing crew has lowered his sweaty members into "Bukkake Resevoir" in order to "Drop Anchor" - the man-glazed testicles will be served up to the eager whale for thorough cleansing.

Captain MikeC raised the coated anchor towards the awaiting hungry mouth of Rikki Lake for a full dose of the "Barnicle Cleaner".

See whale, bukkake


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