What is Barnold?


well barnold is a man of many words. most of them are dumb ones. he had 10 dads come to parent night during the football season. his mother is a kind little house wife with a past like one of a whore. a normal day for barnold consist of going to school and wasting time during class looking up colledge schools with the name like th philly funk and what not. then he goes to lunch and trys to make long distance shot from his seat to the garbge can while shouting "koby" knowing dam well that koby is a tall black man and not a short fat white boy from the berbs. then he goes home and waste the wrest of his free time on madden 05 trying to make the 49ers a team worth talking about. when we all know that the only way the 49ers will see another superbowl is when hell freezes over and the whole team dies in a plane crash. barnold is a sad man and his mom is a whore/house wife. and his sister is hot!

"mmmm barnolds mom gives good head.and his sisters tittys are amazing"

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one of the greatest men of all time, known for his greatness at video games especially Madden 2005.

"Dude, you just got whooped up by Barnold!"

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