Barnsley Fc

What is Barnsley Fc?


When you get a semi erect penis all of a sudden, not expecting it, you can say you have a Barnsley FC. Can be linked to the football club who reached the semi final of the FA cup against the odds

Dude check out that MILF

I know mate a have a Barnsley FC

See barnsley, fc


A poor league 1 team who still see themselves as a big club just because of one pathetic season in the Premiership and cant accept that Oakwell will always be a shadow to the Galpharm.

Cant believe we've just swapped one poor Yorkshire club for an even worse one which hasn't even got any money to waste on goldfish.


barnsley are a shit football club who don't deserve to be in league 1! you can stick with andy ritchie because ronnie moore is ours! and when we play you in a weeks time you are going to get hammered!

zigga zagga zigga zagga athletic zigga zagga zigga zagga athletic 1234 listen to the chaddy roor we love you oldham we do we love you oldham we do we love you oldham we do oh oldham we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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