What is Barnstaple?


A small (shitty) town in North Devon. Reputed to be the end of the universe, this was disproved when it aquired a 'Subway' and was deemed to be slightly better than Bideford, its nearest rival for that particular accolade.

Barnstaple boasts a number of shops, 'attractions' and pubs. Most of the population spend at least 65% of their time in the latter, choosing to stab, glass, or at least stamp on- any outsider.

Any outsider to Barnstaple can be identified by a grasp of the English language, a recognised qualification (any) or an inability to be fascinated by a 'Subway'.

Let us not visit Barnstaple, there are Subways in other places, yet these places do not revere this fact as they often have more interesting things than a heated sandwich.

See yokel, inbred, devon


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