What is Barocked?


To suffer from either the intended or unintended consequences of policy decisions made by Barack Obama.

Employee A: "Did you see that the DOW has fallen 2500 points since Obama was elected?"

Employee B: "Unfortunately, yes. My 401(k) has officially been Barocked."


Tim: "My uncle lost his job from the coal power plant when it bankrupted due to Obama's energy policy."

Joe: "Oh, your uncle just got Barocked!"


Angela: "When I got that concussion from my car accident, I tried to find a doctor in the area, but all the hospitals were closed. I had to drive 300 miles across the state border to find a doctor who would take my government insurance."

Terry: "Oh my gosh, I got Barocked just like that last week! I wish the doctors would move back into our state and start taking our insurance, but that'll happen only when healthcare gets less socialized I guess."

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