What is Baron?


to own someone. To be cool, or to do something, awesome. When baroned, you might often be skeeted on, owned, or mooned. Reference to the sav Baron Davis of the Golden State Warriors. Also a loud meaningless remark.

Props to gabe/thunder.

Dude, i just Baroned on you!

I just got Baroned on.


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To take, hoard, and then monopolize.

He baroned the booty.


Slang for a badass Chrysler LeBaron convertible. Always better than ANY Honda, Toyota, etc. In extreme cases, can be written as BARON! as in similar fashion to AMERICA!

Let's take a road trip in The BARON!

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A insult for a guy named Aaron

Man1:Hello Aaron Bo Baron!

Aaron:Screw you!

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often used to discribe gay shit.

"Eww buddy ur soo 'Baron' that's gross."

"Stop being 'Baron' and pass the dildo"

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