Baron Samedi

What is Baron Samedi?


it is a swift back hand slap to the back of the neck usually done when standing up and the one being slapped is sitting down not expecting it. the baron samedi should be accomadated by the sam noise

if you dont settle down you are gonna get a baron samedi

james gave him a baron samedi because he was being an ass clown

See slap, shank, hug, back hand


A person on Gameranger who bosses people around trying to get attention. And if someone makes him mad he will verbally attack them behind their backs because he is a coward.

Baron Samedi: Get out of here you

Tuttle: God your character got old fast.

Tuttle: Im leaving i can't stand you.

later on: Baron Samedi: Tuttle is a turtle

See jerk, asshole, attention whore, baron samedi, gameranger


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