What is Baroque?


Originally referring to the early 17th to mid-18th century European period charecterisitic of bold, eloborate style in art, music, and architecture.

Today referring to one who is direly in need of money.

My nizzle, lend me some chedda. This nigga is baroque!


Anything amazingly cool, so cool that indeed no other word will do. It overwhelms the senses in its awesomeness. Often, it involves a particularly good outcome in a situation or a description of something great. Important note! This is never to be confused with Barack, as in, Mr. Obama.

Example #1:

Me: So I was gonna get busted for the drug possession, but the cop just looked the other way on it. He was so baroque!

Example #2:

Me: Wow, your painting is baroque, man!

You: I know; I rock.

Example #3:

You: Barack Obama is so baroque.

Me: You must be out of your mind, he is anything but!

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(also known as J.S. Bach or 'baroque style') is a way of referring to anal sex and anal play.

I met a really cool chick. She even is into doing it baroque style

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