Barracks Rat

What is Barracks Rat?


girl who sleeps with everyone in the barracks.

Damn thats the third Dude's room that

I saw Jenny go into tonight for like 20 minutes


noun; used to describe some one who has no friends, and is foced to spend all they're time in the barracks.

indiv. 1 "why is Wyatt such a barraks rat?"

indiv. 2 " cuz nobody wants to be seen out with his dumb ass."


Military slang for a soldier who in spite of being sent to a choice duty like Germany (PARTY PALACE OF THE EUROPEAN COMMAND) decides to stay in the barracks wasting valuable youth, life experience and a helluva good time out "on the economy". Usually they are young soldiers who are so far away from home for the first time.

Damn dude, here it is Octoberfest, and Hammond won't leave his room, what a barracks rat.

See waste of life, pantywaste, momma's boy


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