What is Barracuda?


Ring finger in the poohole. Index and/or middle finger's in the pussy, while the thumb stimulates the clit

(if possible).

"I gave her a barracuda last night. She was having her loudest orgasm ever, when she lost control and shat all over my fingers."

See Diego


A muscle car/pony car produced by Plymouth in the 60s and early 70s. For 1970-71, the Barracuda was available with 426 Street Hemi, making it (arguably) the most fearsome Detriot supercar ever produced. Today, Barracudas (especially convertibles) are highly prized among collectors.

In full race tune, a '70 'Cuda will turn 12 second ETs on the quarter mile.


1. An extremely vicious, carnivorous, streamlined fish that can attack with blinding speed and razor-sharp teeth.

2. An extremely vicious, carnivorous, streamlined car that eats Rustangs and shits Ford emblems.

"My '67 Barracudafastback likes to munch on 5.Slows."

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To place two fingers in the vagina and two fingers in the anus simultaneously, whilst stimulating the clitoris with the thumb.

Her eyes rolled when he gave her the barracuda.


a woman manager in corporate america who will micromanage you or bite your ass

Wow that barracuda haul me in her office, goosed me with a rubber ducky & now I work in the corporate mailroom!

I must have sign on my back that reads " WALK ALL OVER ME ".

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tripple sec, southern comfort, Vodka. Simple as that

Pour me a barracuda!

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An extremely entertaining game requiring anywhere between 8-10 people, usually learned during kendergarten.

"Yo, I'm mad bored. What should we do?"

"I got like 8 people. Wanna barracuda?"

"Sweet!!! I used to love that game!"

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