Barrak Obama

What is Barrak Obama?


"The only man in America that says nothing better than anyone has ever said anything. He hopes for change, and is changing for hope. He hopes that you will vote for change, or change your vote for hope. He is the future of change and hope, because the past is not change, or hope." - Taken from excerts of his speaches.

This man is not for America like the above stated def of him says. He is inexperenced, doesn't know what to talk about without a teleprompter (yes he is even worse than Bush at speach) and doesn't really ever state anything that he is going to do to "change" America.

A vote for Barrak is not a vote for "Change", or "Hope" but a vote for the downgrading of the USA. A vote for more illegal immagrants, horrible policys, higher taxes, and more likely than not, WAR.

The above def stated that he will not be killed if he wins. On the contrary, Snipers are polishing their guns and waiting for either him or the Anti-Christ Hillary to make their move.

Barrak Obama - "I hope that change will come for the future which changed from the past, and hoping that a future of change will change the hope of the past for change and hope...and...(looks around confused for the teleprompter has been out for the last 10 mins) uhh.....ahh.....uhhh.....HOPE, CHANGE, PAST, FUTURE!

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Barrak Obama only hope for America

The only man who could change the CRAP that is already going on.

Plus he is black but who cares he is a good man all the same.

He could win but lets hope the people who love bush and have not been corrupt and brain washed don't mess it up also they don't change the voting again.

Lets hope he does not get assinated as the bush administration don't want some guy changing the world for good.

If Barrak Obama does not get in america is doomed!!

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