What is Barre?


particular type of cough syrup & big moes favorite usually associated with the city of houston, texas

random person: big moe what u drinkin tonight?

big moe: mannn baby im trippin on that barre


slang in houston texas for cough syrup containing promethazine codeine ect.

i got a cup full of barre and im leanin'

See lean, syrup, promethazine, drank, codeine


Slang for Xanax but is actually mispelled "Barz" !!! If you don't understand ...research it. Barre- brand of codiene and promethizine cough syrup made by Barre Pharmaceuticals also slang for Xanax but spelled incorrectly(Barz). For all you Syrup sippers out there a word of advice: Do not add candy: Jolly ranchers ect... Sugar kills the codiene.

" Yo, you got a pint of Barre?"


Town in Vermont full of white people (mostly rednecks) that have no clue of the outside world

I can't stand the people in Barre, VT

See Kevin


The barre is a cylindrical item used for balance and warming up in ballet.

I watched the dancer warm up at the barre.


slang for Xanax

I just popped 4 barres.

See boom


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