What is Barred?


Pornography of any kind... movies/mags/pics/ext.

-"what you doing when you get home"

-"watching Barred"

See Dan


1. illegal, stupid, or it just describes something that might get you in trouble

2. can describe something that is stupid or lame.

The word comes from being in jail and bein behind "bars".

Dude... what we are doing is really barred.

That shirt is barred

See bared, illegal, bard, dumb, lame, stupid


Pornographic material.

Dude mans... I LOVE barred VCR.

Man, fucking Steve still has barred VCR tape.

Dude, where did you get that barred?

See porn, porno, bone movies


to ignore, hate, dislike, be annoyed or angry at a person and thus shun them until you find their presence acceptable.

"no you were being a bitch, you're so toally barred"

"that's it you're barred, <explicite delete>"


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